The Ark Preschool

Providing excellent early childhood education, within a nurturing and caring Christian environment.

About Us


Vision Statement

To embrace a culture of ongoing improvement, resulting in a demonstration of excellence for children and their families, teachers, management and governance.

Our Philosophy


The Ark Preschool is a Christian Preschool that provides a loving environment guided by Christian beliefs and values.  We warmly welcome everyone. We are a place where children learn to love and love to learn.

 Children learn to love:

We are a mixed age centre that celebrates and encourages tuakana / teina relationships where younger children learn from older siblings and peers and older children develop leadership.  Children learn to be kind, respect and trust each other, show empathy, talk, share ideas, listen to each others ideas, negotiate, and build relationships and friendships.  Children learn to be adaptive, creative and resilient.

Children love to learn:

We offer a play-based curriculum which empowers children to learn by valuing their interests and building upon these interests in our planning.  Our rich learning environment supports children’s love of learning by encouraging them to be active learners, critical thinkers, problem solvers, curious, joyful and full of wonder.  

During children’s play kaiako* look for ways to extend and enrich children’s learning using intentional teaching strategies.  Children are supported to learn how to learn.   Kaiako actively encourage and promote children’s cognitive (hinengaro), physical (tinana), emotional (whatumanawa), spiritual (wairua), and social and cultural development.  We believe in respectful, reciprocal, responsive relationships that empower children to gain an understanding that they are capable and confident learners.

We acknowledge the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa and the cultural diversity in our community, incorporating the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi; partnership, participation and protection. We believe it is when kaiako, whanau, and community all work together that we can best help children reach their full potential.

We embrace and celebrate each child's uniqueness.  It is our hope and prayer that every child leaves here with a strong sense of mana, knowing who they are, confident that they are loved and valued, and with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions to enable them to become lifelong learners.


Kaiako includes all teachers, educators and other adults who have a responsibility for the care and education of children in an ECE setting.  

Programme and Curriculum

At The Ark Preschool, children will experience a curriculum that builds on their experiences, knowledge, skills, attitudes, needs, interests and views of the world.
The curriculum will nurture children cognitively, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially with a Christian ethos underlying all aspects of our programme.
Our programme is based on Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.
Our well resourced core curriculum supports children in spontaneous, meaningful play as well as providing a wide range of experiences to encourage children's learning and development.   A balance between free play and structured activities encourages children to make choices and decisions so that they develop competence, confidence and independence as learners.
We offer a programme that ensures all children have the foundation skills for literacy and are prepared for the organised, highly symbolic world of school.
Talking Skills:
The 'talk' that is necessary for learning and to survive the busy and competitive world of the school classroom.
Listening Skills: Learning to listen for sounds and sounds in words in preparation for spelling.
Looking Skills:
Learning to discriminate pictures, shapes, letters and words in preparation for reading.
Moving Skills:
Ensuring that children have the co-ordination and motor dexterity to manage classroom and play activities and are prepared for handwriting.
Print Knowledge:
Ensuring that children understand what the world of print is all about; the difference between pictures and words, of words and letters and of letters and sounds.


Facility & Learning Environment

We provide your child with a spacious, high quality learning environment.

Our facility is well equipped with a good range of resources to support your child's holistic development. The interior is bright and attractively finished.  This results in a warm, inviting workspace, both for adults and children.   We have a large veranda, which is an all-weather space, facilitated by the pull-down plastic, see-through curtains.   Our outdoor area is planted in natives and has a mix of surfaces.   We have a large, covered sandpit.  A good range of fixed and movable equipment provide plenty of opportunities for your child's physical and social development.